La Gran Vista Extra Activities

Here at La Gran Vista many students and teachers volunteer each year to help the farm with ecologically sustainable projects. Many students have also come to educate themselves further on bio diversification and complete research projects for agricultural classes that they are taking. We can cater to all levels of agricultural education at La Gran Vista.

Some years ago, Charlotte traveled from the U.K. to Costa Rica to complete her thesis on soil erosion. While at La Gran Vista, she conducted tests and collected data with help from our staff. The information she gathered is going to help the Costa Rican government develop a plan to reduce soil loss when it rains.


At La Gran Vista there are always new and exciting Projects in motion.

We are currently in the early development stages of creating a butterfly museum. The first step was building a butterfly house. It will educate visitors on the life cycle of butterflies while raising and nurturing these magnificent specimens on sight. This is an amazing educational tool for kids as well as adults, not only to hear lectures on butterflies but actually see them in various stages of their existence. Max, the creator and curator of this museum, has a degree in Natural Resources, so our visitors will get accurate and up-to-date information.

We are also planting special flowering trees in order to attract new butterflies and various birds. There about 20 species of birds that can easily be observed from the house.


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