Who is responsible for the project?

La Gran Vista is run by a family of five, and is owned by Donald Villalobos, an Agricultural Engineer who has worked for the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in the Department of Agriculture for the past 34 years.

On the farm, we are proud of our seed bank, our species of plants, plants that repel and control pest and illness, and plants that cover and bind the soil to prevent erosion.


Also, conservation of the soil is of great interest and importance. We constantly work against erosion using plants and methods that prevent the escape of soil particles through the process of water erosion.

If you have knowledge of what we are doing here, we would be very grateful for any advice, contacts or financial support that you may give us.



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Contact us:

Phone: (506) 8924 8983 ask for Donald Villalobos.



El Peje de Repunta,
Pérez Zeledón, 
San José, Costa Rica.

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